About DéLovely

DéLovely is situated in the picturesque riverside setting of the Matakana Village, a beautiful boutique - owned and operated by Wendy Adams. 
Wendy has travelled extensively where she has fed her love and appreciation for art, fashion, culture and history. She worked for DéLovely for a few years and when the opportunity arose she stepped forward to make the store her own.
The saying “delovely” first appeared in the musical Anything Goes, and also in the Cole Porter song of that title from Red, Hot and Blue. It is a cutesy phrase that was created in the 50s around the decades of rhyming and musicals and it must have sounded best next to delightful and delicious as these words preceded the delovely! 

Audrey Hepburn - DeLovely Matakana

We take from it a certain old school charm, a class and elegance that can be seen in store with its simple and timeless style. You’ll see that timeless elegance on the walls of the store with Audrey Hepburn being a big influence to this style. 
On those busy market Saturdays as well as all through the week you’ll find Wendy and her team working hard in store to present you with the most gorgeous collections from some of the most stylish and classy brands around. Drop in and say hi and feel free to ask her for some styling tips, she’ll be happy to help you.

Wendy Adams - DéLovely Store Matakana